We offer our rooms and main hall for hire; for one-off private parties or events, or for regular community meetings/groups/events.


Spaces available for hire include:

  • Top Community Room – A large main hall with wooden flooring & a small kitchenette (maximum capacity: 50)
  • Middle Community Room – a large main hall with wooden flooring and a kitchenette with hot water urn, and also a large bain marie (maximum capacity: 50).
  • The middle room is attached to a Commercial Kitchen which is also available to hire if the persons using it have the correct health and safety certificates.
  • Both the Top and Middle Community Rooms can be opened up to make one Large Hall (maximum capacity: 100)
  • Sunlife Room – A  multifunctional room with comfortable seating (if required) and small kitchen facilities, including a dishwasher & hot water urn. Suitable for any groups or activities (maximum capacity 50).
  • Hairdresser/Beauty Room – with sinks & mirrors. This room can also be used for small meetings (up to 6 people)
  • Therapy Room – A small bright, sunny room with massage bed. Also suitable for one-to-one meetings
  • Small Meeting Room – Our small meeting room has a large table with seating for up to 10 people (available from spring 2018)